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Historical Markers to be Included with Street Signs


The city formally dedicated a new street and a new signage program on Sunday, March 16 when the Ebenezer Bassett Lane in the Derby Neck section of town was dedicated and became the first of what it is expected to be many historical street markers will be unveiled as well. Read more about Derby Hall of Fame member Ebenezer Bassett's achievements here.

Mayor Staffieri is surrounded by Carolyn Ivanoff, Bryan Anderson, Alderman Joe Bomba, Marian O'Keefe and Mary Mycek. Ivanoff, O'Keefe and Mycek published an educational book and teacher's guide about Ebenezer Bassett.

If you are interested in a sign for your street, contact Alderman Ken Hughes. The residents of the street should selected a "street captain" as the point of contact. The cost will be $50.00 for the sign and pole. The street captain can send Ken the requested verbiage on the sign, or the city might conduct the research and make recommendations. The Department of Public Works will install the sign and pole, or if the residents want to make a project out of it, they can do it themselves following city guidelines. Checks can be made to the City of Derby, with "Street sign program" in the memo and sent to the mayor's office at Derby City Hall.

Story updated May 16, 2010

Earlier Story:

The Derby Board of Aldermen is researching the idea of placing small descriptive signs next to existing street signs to briefly explain the history of that particular street name. These signs would be voluntarily donated by people who live on that street, and not paid for by the City.

One street that will have one of the new descriptive signs is Ebenezer Bassett Lane. Marian O'Keefe who just recently published a book about the life of the first Afro-American ambassador to a foreign country is sponsoring the sign.

The signs would cost $25, a bit more if an additional pole is needed, and would be installed by the Board of Aldermen and residents from that street. If you and your neighbors are interested, please assign a 'street captain' and contact Ken Hughes ( for further details. We are trying to gauge interest for the program.  Thank you.

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Joseph Hawkins was one of Derby's earliest settlers!

In 2005, the City set out on an effort that is still ongoing to replace all of the street signs in the city with larger and more visible signage.

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