Albany, NY

We've known that Albany received its fountain in approximately 1904 and placed it at Western Avenue and Avenue, however, we were never able to find a picture until January, 2021 when we messaged the Friends of Albany History Facebook page in hopes that someone might know a little about the fountains - and they did! Paula sent us the great postcard picture showing the fountain placed prominently at the edge of Townsend Park. She also told us that part of the bowl can still be found a couple of blocks away and that she would get us a picture - and she did!

It's sad to see what has become of the bowl, but looking at the 1930 picture, you can sense why it was moved. The bowl itself looks to be in good shape, and if you look closely there appears to be some extra ornamentation at the corners of the square base within the bowl that we have not seen elsewhere. It is currently located at 470 Madison Avenue by Albany Marble and Tile.

Thank you Paula for all your help and we hope that people in Albany Might enjoy learning more about a small piece of their history.

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