Auburn, NY

Auburn received an early fountain in 1906 and after several moves and some creative restoration, it is still in working order in a trendy new location at the bottom of State Street where it intersects with Dill Street. Our research has indicated that its original location was at South & Exchange Sts. A 2004 article on the website seems to agree with that as City planner Mike Long indicated that the site was at Richardson's Square at South and Exchange Streets. Another Auburn merchant claimed that it had been located in front of Maxwell's Food Store on Lewis street. Long believes that people may be confused because Auburn had several fountains for horses. Long said that the fountain was moved to "Five Points" in 1936 when a Civil War monument took its place. We're not sure where the picture below shows, but you can clearly see the fountain in the picture.

In nay case, the 2004 article talks about the redevelopment that would be taking place in that area. The fountain was to be put in storage while the work was being done. Steve Lynch, the City Planner in 2004, thought that it probably would not ever be used as a fountain again because of the prohibitive costs of maintenance and labor. We're not sure when the work was actually done, but here's a picture of the fountain in the new location in 2019 and you can see it is working just fine with a brisk flow of water from the distinctive gold lions heads.


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