Barre, VT

As you can see from the 1911 newspaper clipping below, Barre got their National Humane Alliance in 1911 and it still looks great today though we can't tell if the water is still running or not.

Unlike the other fountains around the country, Barre's fountain was made from gray stone quarried on Millstone Hill in Barre rather than the usual pink granite from Rockland, Maine. It helped that Lewis Seaver, secretary of the National Humane Alliance lived in nearby Williamstown and understood the feelings of those in Barre and used his influence to get approval for the Barre stone. In addition to the usual requirements of the NHA, Barre also had to agree to move the existing fountain in the park to make way for the NHA fountain. They gladly agreed and the fountain was installed on December 4, 1911.

It is currently located at the edge of a triangular park bounded by Church, Washington and North Main Streets that is still called City Hall Park. However, this is not the same corner of the park as it was moved in 1919 and again years later. Though all the pieces are still in place, the fountain is no longer hooked to a water supply.

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