Butte, MT

Butte, Montana is another fountain for which we have incomplete information. We do know that they received a fountain in 1907 and placed it at Utah and Arizona Streets replacing another fountain that was to be moved to make way. We also know that this was a collective effort of the Silver Bow Humane Society and the city. Mayor Corby had appointed a special committee to represent the city council to work with the Society on selecting a site.

The site chosen was one of three considered, but was considered the most desirable because of other road improvements and its location close to the railroad stations and freight yards. It was interesting that the city council also passed a resolution prohibiting teamsters and others from injuring the fountain and others in the city.

We have found no other news accounts of the fountain, but as you can see above, we are thankful to Fred Cornelius for sending us the picture above which we believe is the Butte fountain, but now located on private property 40 miles away in Wise River.

Stories from the Butte Minter Newspaper:

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