Carbondale, PA

We have known about a fountain in Carbondale, PA for some time. However, until now we did not have a picture of the fountain, but did know that it was erected in 1910. That all changed when Bill Chiles from Vinalhaven located a picture of the fountain standing in front of the post office in Carbondale proving its existence. A day later, a Google search brought up the larger picture shown at the top of the page.

Officials at the Carbondale Historical Society have confirmed that they are one and the same just taken from different vantage points. We are guessing that the post office picture is older as the fountain has a plain top while an electric light has been added to the fountain in time for the picture above.

There is special significance to the fountain in Carbondale as that is the birthplace on June 30, 1849 of Hermon Lee Ensign, the man who left the funding for all the fountains. We are sad to report that the fountain is no longer in Carbondale, but we are tracking it down and believe that it still exists in a new location in PA that we will update when confirmed.

Click here for some early newspaper accounts about the fountain including a controversy over the water bill!


The Carbondale fountain still exists! Contributor Brittany Luna has just found a link to a remarkable story from the Dirt Road Ramblings Blog that you are sure to enjoy. Just click on the picture below to read a very touching story about the fountain.

Updated 4/28/2021

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