Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs did have one of these fountains. The 1910 City Annual Report shows that we had a total of  13 horse fountains that provided 26 million gallons of water annually. One of these was the National Humane Alliance fountain at Nevada Ave. and Kiowa St. Unfortunately, I can’t find any local reference to when the fountain was installed or to the National Humane Alliance. I also don’t know when the fountain was removed, but I have photographic evidence that it was gone by at least the early 1950s. Sadly, I also don’t know what happened to the fountain, and whether it was demolished or relocated. I can say with a high level of certainty that it isn’t on public property in Colorado Springs. My guess is that it was demolished when Nevada Avenue was paved in the late ‘30s or thereafter.   

The pictures and brief story were provided by Matt Maberry, Director of the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum in Colorado Springs.

For more on the National Humane Alliance Fountains click here.

Additional Photos:

Story posted on March 22, 2014, Updated April 5, 2020

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