Dallas, Texas

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The National Humane Alliance gave a fountain to Dallas, Texas in 1907 and it was dedicated on April 4. It was originally located at the intersection of Commerce, Preston and Jackson Streets and the area was known as "Five Points". After speeches by Mayor Hay accepting the fountain from Co,. P. B. Hunt of the Dallas Humane Society, Mrs. T. J. Carr, president of the Dallas Humane Society since 1899, was given the honor of turning a key which set the water flowing. It was Mrs. Carr who pursued the fountain gift from the National Humane Alliance.

Mayor Hay said that he thought there should be another plaque added to the fountain listing the members of the Humane Society for all their work and then he made a vow that could not be kept, "I can promise you that Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Neims will see that the fountains lacks for water." We assume the pledge was not kept since it appears that the fountain is still standing in a new home, but the water is no longer flowing..

Another interesting historical tidbit is that the the intersection was renamed "Fountain Square" at the behest of the Humane Society as they didn't think it fitting to have the fountain associated in any way with the name of the better known and very notorious Five Points in New York!

In any case, the fountain was moved several times to make way for street improvements. It was also the victim of a ramming by an automobile which broke it into several pieces. Luckily, the Park Department put it back together again on Pershing Square

Then a terrible incident not related to the fountain resulted in the fountain being moved and restored. A 37-year-old woman was murdered her husband by poisoning. Nancy Dillard Lyon served on the boards of the Dallas County Heritage Society and the Dallas Parks Foundation. The Heritage Society operated the Old City Park and her family and friends created a memorial in the form of "Nancy's Garden" within the Old City Park and the fountain was part of the 1.8 acre garden. We believe that area is part of the current Dallas Heritage Village and Nancy's Garden is now one of the gardens in the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The fountain stayed in the Heritage Village when Nancy's Garden was moved.

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Updated May 12, 2021

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