Enid, Oklahoma

The following information about the fountain in Enid, OK was posted on a Waymarking site in 2009 by YoSam:

A full history of this trough is not known, either by me or the Enid area historical society and civil groups. I ask, I tried, so did they; but not much was found. Here is what we did find.

It is known that it was first located on the east of Grand Street, in the center of Maine Street, approximately 105 feet east of it current location. It was erected in 1910 by the National Humane Alliance, Hermon Lee Ensign, Founder; we know this because that plaque is still attached.

During some unknown date in the 1930s it was struck by an automobile. The trough was knocked from it pedestal and several chunks were knock out and off of it. A large chip in the bowl is from this event. It remain laying on its side in the middle of the street for some time, until rescued by the Daughters of the American Revolution. They not only saved the artifact, but removed it to a new location in Government Springs Park, some distance from here. And there it remain.

In 1989, civic minded citizens and groups in Enid, thought of this historic piece, during a rush of installing statues and monuments about Oklahoma's past on the courthouse lawn. So, it was returned close to it original location. It is now on the sidewalk at Grand St. and Maine St., not in the center of the street. The plumbing was all re-attached and is a fully functioning representation of it original purpose, but for viewing not drinking. The work was complete on September 29, 1989. I found this gem in May 2009.

Update - Researcher Brittany Luna found an interesting obituary that credited Robert Klemme with being instrumental in the fountain's relocation. Read the obituary here.

The fountain was still there in 2018 and there was construction going on around it:


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