Houlton, ME

Houlton fountain in its early days - thanks to Jason Howe a board member of the Aroostook Historical and art Museum for finding this great picture

Houlton may have had an edge in getting its fountain due to the fact that Hermon Lee Ensign had been a frequent visitor to Houlton. It was a local citizen working with the selectmen of the town made the successful request to the National Humane alliance and in 1908 Houlton received theirs and erected it in Market Square easily accessible to horses - or humans. Theirs is one of the approximately 20-25 of the smaller design.

The fountain in 1919 (Aroostook Historical and art Museum)

Over time the area changed quite a bit, and the fountain was move a bit, but is still on Market Square. The plaque is missing and the water no longer runs, but the fountain still looks great in its new life as a planter. It no longer sits in the middle of the road as automobile traffic and the end of the horse drawn carriage era brought an end to its useful life for quenching the thirst of horses or other animals. The lions heads are still attached and maybe one day the water will run again!

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