Los Angeles, CA

In September, 1906 the Los Angeles Times reported that the city of Los Angeles only had two watering places for horses in the business district. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals recognized the problem and started the process. They may have been a bit jealous that Pasadena had already received one. It appears that one of the reasons for a lack of fountains in Los Angeles had been an earlier outbreak of the disease glanders. However, that scare had dissipated and city officials were no hoping to secure a fountain of their own for the business district. E. L. Conger who had helped Pasadena gain its fountain offered to use his influence with the National Humane Alliance on behalf of Los Angeles as well.

Their efforts to secure the fountain proved fruitful and the city was given the second of the NHA fountains west of the Rocky Mountains in 1908. As you can see from the photo above, the fountain was installed at the intersection of Benton Boulevard and Hoover Street. Conger was one of the speakers at the dedication and W. H. Chamberlain, president of the Los Angeles S.P.C.A. made the formal presentation to Mayor Harper. The year on the plaque was 1907 though the dedication took place in 1908.

We do not know what became of this fountain, but we can find no record of it still existing.

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