Mason City, IA

Mason City got its fountain by 1912 and thanks to Brittany Luna, we now have the picture that you see above of the fountain which was one of the smaller type. It was located at Sixth and Michigan outside the entrance to the First Congregations Church. The story in the article with the picture says that Rosalie Wilson, a member of the church, was instrumental in getting the fountain which appears to be working quite well in the picture. However, the article says the picture was from 1910 whgich is not accurate as the Mason City Humane Society did not request a fountain from the National Humane Alliance until May 29, 1911. On Dec. 1, 1911 Humane Society vice president Hugh Gilmore volunteered to find a place for the fountain which would be dedicate in the following spring. The fountain was dedicated with appropriate pomp, ceremony and speeches on May 3, 1912. there were two bands and school children did the singing. Mrs. Wilson did participate by read a biography of Hermon Lee Ensign.

Evidently, the installation did not go as it should have as the humane society voted on January 29, 1913 that it couldn't sanction the payment of bills for the installation because of the "unsatisfactory character of the work." The issue must have been resolved as the water was flowing as of May 15, 1913.

At some point, the fountain was abandoned for about a year because of a plumbing issue as the fountain kept running over into the street. City Commissioner stepped in a year later and announced that the city could make it work again - and properly this time. He also said that if they didn't succeed the fountain would have to be removed. However, we don't know what year that was or what actually became of the fountain.

In the end, it didn't make much of a difference as the automobile made it obsolete and it was moved from the original location, but we don't know what became of it though it seems to have been discarded.

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