Middletown, NY

Middletown, New York received one of the very first of the National Humane Alliance Fountains in 1903, two years earlier than Derby's own. It was installed at the corner of Wickham Avenue and Grove Street. It's still relatively close by, but is now within the park along Grove Street, but a bit hidden, and it has changed quite a bit from what you see above.


As it looks today:

Look closely, and you can see the base of the fountain is still there as is the top piece. Gone is the large bowl from the middle, the plumbing and the lions head spigots once attached to the top piece. Also missing is the light on top though most other fountains did not have such lights unless they installed them on their own as the National Humane Alliance did not provide lights.


We want to thank Jerry Kleiner, President; Historical Society of Middletown and the Wallkill Precinct for providing us with the pictures that you see here. As you can see from the Middletown poster, the fountain was once featured in a 1980 publication with historic views of Middletown.





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