Milwaukee, WI

Ogden Ave. & North Water St.

We can now confirm that Milwaukee received received two fountains. We believed that one was installed at Ogden Ave. & North Water St. and the other was placed at Mitchell St, 8th & Forest Home Aves.

We've had this picture above from the Newberry Library for many, many years. However, until recently we did not know which one it was. Then Chad Czarkowski posted that the fountain on Water Street was still there into the 1960s, but disappeared when the land was cleared when the Park East Freeway was being built. Mark Daniel then posted that the fountain above is the one from Water Street and also noted that the land was to be used for the Park East Freeway, but it was torn down after only being partially built!

And now Mark has come through again with a picture of the other fountain.

 We've got a great picture from the Newberry Library pictured here, but we don't know which fountain it is!

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