North Haven, Maine

We're not quite sure if we should include this fountain from the Maine island of North Haven which lies just a bit north of Vinalhaven where the National Humane Alliance Fountains were quarried - including Derby's. It's identical in all aspects to Derby's with one glaring exception. The plaque on the fountain is not what is found on all of the others referencing Herman Ensign and the National Humane Alliance. Instead, this fountain has a plaque attributing its origins as a memorial to citizens of the island who served in World War 1. We want to thank David Macy of North Haven who e-mailed us to make us aware of the fountain and provided some of the pictures here.

Additional research provided some additional pictures, but no story about the origins of this fountain, but we'll keep looking. Vinalhaven has two fountains, and one is a National Humane Fountain while the other is not.

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