Pensacola, Florida Fountain

1912 at Garden and Palofax Streets

Pensacola, Florida was another on the communities that seized upon the opportunity to receive a National Humane Alliance Fountain in 1909, three years after Derby had installed its own. If you click on the picture above, you will see an enlarged view which shows that Pensacola's fountain was somewhat similar to the one in Wichita with the embellishments on the top. Many communities added lights or other adornments to the top of the fountains.

2015 in front of the Post Office on Palofax Street near Romana Street

The Fountain has moved a little bit on Palofax street and has been refurbished to working order as you can see above. The lions head spigots are gone and the ornamental top has been replaced by a flowing fountain. In fact, the fountain itself is centered in a pool of water in front of the local post office.

We want to thank Jacquelyn Wilson an archivist and editor with the UWF Historic Trust in Pensacola who provided the pictures that you see here. You can learn more about Pensacola history by visiting the Historic Pensacola website here.



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Posted October 24, 2010
Update May 27, 2017

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