Raleigh, NC

The presentation of the National Humane Alliance Fountain to the city of Raleigh in 1910 was a big deal even attracting the Governor Robert B. Glenn and a crowd of about 400 people. Acting on behalf of the Woman's Club which was responsible for securing the fountain, the governor formally presented the fountain to Mayor James I. Johnson. The fountain was installed on Halifax Street just beyond the Capitol Square. Lewis Seaver, Secretary of the NHA had visited Raleigh and toured possible sites with the Mayor.


Both the governor and the mayor praised the Alliance and the Women's Club for their work in securing the fountain and also for their moral leadership on the humane treatment of animals.Music was provided by the Third Regiment Band. You can read more about the ceremony here.

Unfortunately, we do not know what became of this fountain. Any help in uncovering that history would be appreciated.

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