St. Augustine, FL

We do not have much information about the fountain in St. Augustine, Florida. However, we do know that at least part of it has survived and can be found in St. Francis Park across the street from The Llambias House, a National Historic Landmark. We are uncertain of the original location of the fountain, but we do know that Altrusa Club of St. Augustine took on St. Francis Park as its Bicentennial Project back in 1976. The Altrusans also served as custodians of the Llambias House. The property had been purchased by the St. Augustine Historical Society with the understanding that the would beautify it as a park.

One of the focal points of the park is the National Humane Allliance fountain. In the attached news articles researched by Brittany Luna, you will see a reference that says that, "The fountain is an old horse trough donated to the project." There is no reference to the history of the fountain or that who donated it! However, Charles Tingley, Senior Research Librarian at the Historical Society did tell Brittany that the fountain was not in St. Augustine prior to the 1970s and may have come from a salvage year. So, the origin of the St. Augustine fountain remains a mystery. Could it be the fountain that we think may have been given to Jacksonville????

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