Selma, AL

It has taken us a long time to track down the fountain given to Selma, Alabama, but we are happy to report that we have found it. It may now have a different look than any of the other fountains distributed, but it still in plain public view next to the St. James Hotel in a historic district in Selma at the 1201 Water Avenue about a half mile away from its original location at the intersection of Alabama & Washington Streets. The fountain was officially dedicated in August, 1911.

The fountain is quite unique as the top granite piece has been trimmed down and the lions head spigots and Ensign plaque are gone. At the same time, it has a unique new top piece composed of four horses. We don't know when the changes and move took place, but we do know that the location of the fountain was contentious from the beginning because of its negative impact on traffic in the area.

By 1920, there was serious talk of moving the fountain and by 1924, it had been dismantled while city officials and citizens debated a proper location. We do not know the outcome at that time, but we do know that it is now in front of the hotel even if it has lost its original assembly.

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