Sioux Falls, SD

S. M. Bear, president of the State Humane Society was the driving force in pursuing a National Humane Alliance for Sioux Falls. On Feb. 26, 1907 Lewis Seaver from the National Humane Alliance rewarded the efforts with a letter indicating that the Alliance would entertain a formal request from the city for the fountain. Mr. Bear immediately went to work with Mayor Pillsbury to make the request and pick a suitable location. That site turned out to be on Ninth Street.

At some point, as automobile traffic increased and the need for water for horses declined, the fountain was removed. And then in 1927 the fountain got a reprieve as the city developed Water Works Park and the fountain was moved to the park and its still there today. As you can see, it looks to be in great shape and the water is running as it did in 1907.

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