St. Joseph, MO

We've known for a long time that St. Joseph, Missouri received one of the fountains, but thanks to contributor Brittany Luna we now have not only a picture but an explanation for what happened to the fountains. Brittany tracked down these photos from the archives at the St. Joseph Museum that give us a glimpse of the fountain at its original Patee Market location. Incidentally, the nearby Patee House is now on the list of National Historic Landmarks for its role as the headquarters of the Pony Express.

In addition to these great pictures, she found a 1945 article in the St. Joseph Gazette which indicated that the fountain was later moved to South Tenth Street where its location clashed with the growth of the automobile. It seems several managed to collide with the fountain prompting officials to dismantle the fountain and store the pieces at a nearby fire station never to be seen again.

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