Wilmington, DE

Courtesy of Delaware Historical Society

The fountain in Wilmington, Delaware dates from spring, 1910. The National Humane Alliance gave the fountain to the Wilmington Fountain Society. The Society received a triangle of land at Market, King and 16th Streets from the Board of Park Commissioners and the Street and Sewer Department erected the fountain. As an added bonus, the Park Commission agreed to suppy and install the light you see on top of the fountain.

As with many other communities, changes in traffic and the construction of a new bridge made tje fountain an obstacle to smooth traffic flow and it was moved to its current location on South Park Drive where it fell into disrepair. In 2002, the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation cleaned the granite, stabilized and improved the area around the fountain, and restored to it something of its former dignity.

For more on the history of this fountain, click here to read an excellent story 2008 story by Susan Mulchahey Chase in the fall newsletter of the Delaware Historical Society.

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