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Club Soda

Before shopping centers came along, Main Street in Derby was the center of retail activity for the entire Valley and with it came a thriving restaurant life. The barroom picture above was the center of activity for one of the most popular establishments - Club Soda. Correct answers for this quiz came from all over the country, and we would guess that many of the respondents probably have their own memories of  stop at Club Soda.

Special thanks to Jamie Cohen for suggesting this quiz and providing the picture.

Correct answers were received from: John Whalen, Lynne Anglace, Mildred Fatterusso, mary suess, Jeffrey Tracz, Nick from terryville, Virginia Ljungquist, Louis Bomba, Jay ?, Jim Norris, john M. Rak,  Randy Ritter, Bob from Ansonia, Joe Dedo, Dave Grant, Ed Gorzelany, chuck stankye, Anne Reilly, Barbara D, Dotty ?,  Fred Grant, Mike Hillis, Gary Parker, bruce sill, chris from Florida, jack moran, Howard Bradshaw, Rob Pasquini, Walter Biesadecki, Marc J. Garofalo, Charlie Carroll (His father is in the picture!), Dan Flaherty, Steve Tyburski, Bill Pucci, Dolores Proch, tom m, Alek Hidell, Markanthony Izzo, Rod from Shelton, Louise Pitney, Kim Dupke, Peter Corrigan, rick m Ohio, Don Bristol, Terry Snell, Cheryl Nevins, Pat Skelding, and John DeGennaro.

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