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The Derby Website is always interested in finding out more about what our users think about Derby and giving them an opportunity to participate. Consequently, there are a occasionally a number of quizzes, polls and surveys that give you an opportunity to interact with the Website. The Live Chat section presents the opportunity to speak to others in real time. The room is always open, but you can never be sure if there is anyone there.

Current Polls:

Due to safety concerns, the Board of Aldermen has voted to close the Municipal Parking Garage pending the outcome of an engineer's safety study. You can read the story of the vote on the Valley Indy here. You can also read through the minutes of the Parking Authority for several years to see what has been done in the past and proposed for the future here.

It appears that the state is having a better than expected year and should finish with a surplus. Governor Malloy has proposed giving a portion of that surplus back to the citizens of Connecticut in the form of a tax rebate. Under his plan, the state would be sending out checks of $55 to single filers and $110 to couples. What do you think?


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