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Derby was once one of the largest and most influential cities in the state of Connecticut with the surrounding municipalities of Ansonia, Seymour and Oxford once being part of Derby. However, it is now the smallest city in the state of Connecticut at just 5 square miles and a population that has been around 12,000 for decades. Some have called for Derby to merge with some/all of its neighbors to create a larger city. Back in the 1960's a state legislator (Carl Ajello?) suggested that Ansonia, Derby and Shelton merge and be called Birmingham. (Birmingham was once one of the boroughs of Derby). The University of Connecticut even conducted a study which thought such a plan could work - but that the residents would not be willing to give up their identity and autonomy. They may have been right as a 2013 poll about Ansonia and Derby merging, 85% of the pollsters.were against the idea.

It's been about 50 years since that study was done, so we want to know what you think today - and this will be a two part poll. Part one is Should Derby merge with other Valley towns, and Part 2 is which one(s)?

 Should Derby merge with one or more of its neighbors?


If yes, then which ones? Check all that you think should be part of a merer.

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