A Day of Pomp and Preparation

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Thursday was a day to work out the bugs in our presentation and to meet up with delegates from all over the country at an opening orientation and welcome reception. The delegation spent the morning in two rehearsal sessions fine tuning what they expect to be an award-winning presentation.

Rehearsal sessions were held at 9:00 am in the Convention Center and then again at 11:00 am in the ballroom at the Marriott where the actual presentation will take place on Friday morning. Liz Kennard and Gary Scarpa directed the delegation as they got their first opportunity to practice on stage. Everything went well and the delegates are sure that their presentation will give people  from all over the country a real insight into life in the Lower Naugatuck Valley.

During the afternoon, there was a little time for rest, shopping and sightseeing before the formal orientation at 3:30 pm. Immediately afterwards, everyone headed to the Philadelphia Arts Museum for the Opening Reception hosted by the AllState Insurance Company. The reception was a once-in-a-lifetime experience as delegates from all over the country descended on the Arts Museum with an air of spontanaiety that had to be seen to be believed. Click here to see a full album of opening reception pictures.

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