Thursday Photo Album (2)

The orientation was just a warm-up for an unbelievable display of exuberance that erupted at the Philadelphia Art Museum  as the Valley delegation and 29 other from around the country showed the spirit that has made them All America City finalists. The outpouring of community pride and enthusiasm had to be seen to be believed!!!

Thursdayb13.jpg (76613 bytes)
Whooping it up at orientation
Thursdayb20.jpg (76987 bytes)
The Conga line starts here
Thursdayb21.jpg (92514 bytes)
Philly was spectacular
Thursdayb29.jpg (88632 bytes)
A distinguished gathering!
Thursdayb35.jpg (87588 bytes)
Meher & Rich showed how its done
Thursdayb38.jpg (108691 bytes)
Rocky had this same view!
Thursdayb39.jpg (89424 bytes)
Seymour's finest now and the future
Thursdayb43.jpg (108922 bytes)
The food was great
Thursdayb48.jpg (92715 bytes)
Just getting warmed up
Thursdayb66.jpg (89474 bytes)
The Valley was in the center of it all
Thursdayb56.jpg (112099 bytes)
Spontaneity run wild
Thursdayb62.jpg (95381 bytes)
YMCA - Valley style


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