Is the next stop, Philadelphia or Broadway??

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Lights, camera, action! Who knew what hard work was involved in putting together "The Valley," our soon-to-be-famous presentation at the All America City Competition? Liz Kennard of Tele-Media of Western Connecticut has put together a script that is lively and informative. Delegates from all over the country are going to learn a great deal about what makes the Valley such a special place. Gary Scarpa of Shelton High School and Youth Connection fame has been brought in to choreograph the production that will feature the Valley's entire delegation in Philadelphia.

Rehearsals in the Valley are now complete, and the next one will be in Philadelphia on Thursday with the presentation to the judges slated for Friday morning. Even if you can't make it to Philadelphia, you'll get a second opportunity to see the presentation at Healthy Valley's Fifth Year Anniversary in October.

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