Civic Action Fair - A Booth & More!

Why were so many people rocking at the Civic Action Fair - Click here to find out!

The Civic Action Fair was a great night for the Valley delegation after a great morning presentation to the judges. Not resting on their morning laurels, the delegates put together a phenomenal booth that was mobbed throughout the evening by other curious delegates anxious to learn more about the Valley and to become "Friends of the Valley". Click here to learn more about the booth and its sponsors.

Then the Ansonia High School Gospel Choir arrived on the main stage and took the auditorium by storm. Follow the link above to learn more, and look at the photos below to get a feel for the Civic Action Fair where communities from a across the country highlighted the unique qualities of their home towns.

Click on pictures for larger images.

civic-007.jpg (28748 bytes)
Joyce & Daun could not keep up
civic-006.jpg (30516 bytes)
An easily recognizable booth
civic-015.jpg (27121 bytes)
Traffic did not stop all night
civic-005.jpg (29391 bytes)
Port Arthur
civic-013.jpg (26815 bytes)
Is Jack a Dallas 
Cowboy fan???
civic-008.jpg (28281 bytes)
Joliet's youth band
civic-022.jpg (25638 bytes)
Valley Girls - Pam and Allison
civic-045.jpg (23724 bytes)
Valley Guys???
civic-034.jpg (24694 bytes)
It was mobbed!!
civic-043.jpg (28642 bytes)
A short breather at the end
Congratulations to all 30 Finalist Communities for a Night to Remember! civic-046.jpg (24645 bytes)
Something happened to our visors!


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