Saturday - Our Time Has Come!!

Bill holding the most important document!

We were on the edge of our seats as the announcements of the winners started. Though not announced alphabetically or in the order of finish, the tension mounted as the first five winners were announced. Then the announcement of a community that was a great example of building cooperation across communities (Our ears perked up!), a community that cared about the health of all its citizens (We were on the edge of our seats thinking it was us!), and one that took care of the needs of its children (We were off our seats and headed for the stage.). As the words "Lower Naugatuck Valley" were read, a blue and white surge chanting, smiling and hugging headed for the stage. Our time had indeed come, and Bill Powanda accepted our award with dignity, humility and class.

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Up and ready.....
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The view from the stage.....
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Still waiting......

And then a rush to the stage to accept

Saturday-27.jpg (14682 bytes) Saturday-26.jpg (13254 bytes)A Moment to savor forever... Saturday-27.jpg (14682 bytes)

Time to enjoy

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And then we celebrated!

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