Thursday Morning - Practice, practice, practice

Thursday morning the pressure was on as Gary and Liz drove us to perfection with our performance scheduled for Friday morning. We now are fully registered, have our name badges and are out making new friends.

Click on each image for a bigger picture.

Thursam-001.JPG (16467 bytes)
Nancy does it all!
Thursam-002.JPG (15719 bytes)
This way, Bob!
Thursam-006.JPG (15170 bytes)
Who wants trading cards?
Thursam-007.JPG (14284 bytes)
Laura, just like Broadway
Thursam-011.JPG (14415 bytes)
Daun and "Mr. Skeptic
Thursam-013.JPG (13517 bytes)
Naomi says it all
Thursam-014.JPG (10399 bytes)
Cal reminiscing
Thursam-017.JPG (11217 bytes)
Jack from the heart
Thursam-018.JPG (10037 bytes)
Art getting emotional
Thursam-051.JPG (19316 bytes)
Sometimes you have to wait
Thursam-044.JPG (18926 bytes)
On the main stage
Thursam-019.JPG (16954 bytes)
More rehearsal!!!!

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