More New Friends of the Valley

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dallasbruce.JPG (27881 bytes)
Did Bruce really need glasses?

Worcester, MA in kilts!
fargo.JPG (20778 bytes)
Fargo, ND
Fripractice-018.JPG (22688 bytes)
Edinburg, Texas
toledo.jpg (27020 bytes)
Holy Toledo!!
Racine.jpg (13364 bytes)
Racine, Wisconsin
PortArthur.jpg (21392 bytes)
Port Arthur, TX
ParkForrest.jpg (25081 bytes)
Park Forest, IL
York,PA.jpg (21833 bytes)
York, PA
joliet.JPG (25386 bytes)
Joliet, IL

Oli City, PA
syracuse.JPG (22777 bytes)
Syracuse, NY

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