Thursday Night - An Allstate Welcome!

We commandeered the dugout for a group photo

Allstate really knows how to throw a party - especially an "All America" party.  The sole sponsor of the All America Awards, they invited delegates from all 30 finalists to join them at Louisville's brand new minor league Slugger Field. The beautiful new stadium was a great setting for the host city welcome, and delegates were treated to a warm welcome, some great food, and their own commemorative Louisville Slugger baseball bat. 

welcome-014.JPG (26515 bytes)
View from the field
welcome-004.JPG (19890 bytes)
Is it a bird.....
welcome-015.JPG (21020 bytes)
Jack & Marc think it's Ryan Field
welcome-028.JPG (17434 bytes)
Bill Powanda's home run trot
welcome-029.JPG (16235 bytes)
Circling the bases??
welcome-008.JPG (12049 bytes)
Valley delegates up in lights
welcome-023.JPG (23311 bytes)
They look like they are at a game!
welcome-037.JPG (19567 bytes)
Hot dogs & barbeque
welcome-041.JPG (22405 bytes)
The older set????
  welcome-034.JPG (25936 bytes)
The food was almost as hot as the weather!


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