City Cracking Down on Graffiti

This graffiti was painted within days of a previous offender painting over prior graffiti.

The City of Derby has decided that it's time to crack down on the graffiti that mars many facades throughout the city. At the Board of Aldermen's July meeting, the Aldermen adopted a new ordinance that calls for fines of up to $200 per day for ongoing violations. The ordinance also gives the Community Relations Committee the option to offer a reward not exceeding $100 to any person who gives information that leads to the citation of anyone who violates the ordinance.

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The full text of the new ordinance:

Be it ordained by the Board of Alderman of the City of Derby:

 140.3            GRAFFITI – PROHIBITIED

             No person shall write, paint or place any paint, chalk or any other substance or substances or otherwise mark, scratch, place, carve or etch graffiti on the real or personal property of another, whether said real or personal property be publicly or privately owned, unless the owner of such property has specifically consented to the same, prior to the commission of such act or acts.  The owner or occupant of such property, or both, shall not permit graffiti to remain on any residential, commercial or industrial property for a period of more than five (5) business days after notification by the Building Official, in accordance with the provisions of 60 of this Code of Ordinances as authorized by the Connecticut General Statutes pertaining to anti-blight.



 (A)       Fine.   In accordance with the provisions of the General Statutes41, any person violating any provision of 140.3 shall be fined not less than Fifty ($50.00) nor more than Two ($200.00) Dollars for each day that a violation continues.

(B)       Issuance of Citations.   Any police officer or other person authorized by the Mayor may issue a citation to any person who commits violation of 140.3.

(C)       The City shall utilize its best efforts to require the offender to pay for the costs of the repair and removal of such graffiti. 

140.5 REWARDS 

            The Office of the Mayor upon recommendation of the Community Relations Committee is authorized to offer and pay a reward, not exceeding One Hundred ($100) Dollars to any person who gives information that leads to the citation of anyone who violates 140.3.


The ordinance has been adopted on _____________, 2007, and shall be effective within fifteen days after publication.


Adopted by the                                

Board of Alderman


___________, 2007                                   


Laura Wabno                                   

Town/City Clerk                               

Approved by the Mayor


Anthony Staffieri


____________, 2007




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