Mayor Staffieri and City Officials Join Derby Middle School Children and Derby Elks’ Lodge #571 for Elks’ National Youth Week

Mayor Staffieri joined with Margaret Maillet, Esteemed Leading Knight and Chairman of Youth Activities, Evelyn Conroy, Esteemed Lecturing Knight, both of Derby Elks’ Lodge #571 along with Derby Middle Schools Students. They will all take part in Governor Malloy’s Elks’ National Youth Week (May 6-12). The students in Derby took part in Student Government Day.

Mayor Staffieri was partnered with Charles Sampson, Denise Cesaroni, Tax Collector, partnered with John Peccerillo, Fire Marshall Phil Hawkes worked with Brittany Santiago and Water Pollution Control Authority Superintendent Lindsay King partnered with Aron Zamfino.

I am delighted to take part in this event. Derby Middle School children will spend a part of the day getting to know the various jobs in municipal government. It is a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about local government, discover possible career paths and be recognized for their own leadership qualities. The Elks contribute significantly to the well-being of our community through events like this and we thank them for their time and effort.” said Mayor Staffieri. 

“The Derby Elks Lodge 571 takes pride in helping Derby’s school aged children. We know this day will prove to be a positive learning experience for them.” Said Margaret Maillet, Esteemed Leading Knight and Chmn. of Youth Activities (Derby Elks’ Lodge #571).


 Story posted on May 15, 2012

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