Sandy Preparations

With Hurricane Sandy literally “knocking on the door” preparations have been ongoing locally. Pictured here Derby Mayor Anthony Staffieri has been meeting with department heads from Public Works, Police, Office of Emergency Management, Fire, Ambulance, Education and the Water Pollution Control Authority. They met Friday, Sunday and Monday and will continue to meet until the storm has passed. Members of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will monitor the storm from the command center located in the basement of Derby City Hall.

The gates are able to be closed by several workers. Pelaccia is shown lowering “the Skirts” once the gates are closed to help prevent flow from under the gates. Even though Metro North service had been suspended the Derby Public Works is in contact with them when the gates need to be closed.

Public Works employees remove the Commodore Isaac Hull banners from the downtown light poles and Public Works employee Frank Pelaccia was part of a crew that closed the downtown floodgates.

Photos by : Markanthony Izzo/Sheila O'Malley


 Story posted on October 29, 2012

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