Lots of Activity in Derby

Monument Restoration Not the Only Thing Going On

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The restoration of the historic Civil War monument on Derby's beautiful and historic Derby Green in the Birmingham Green Historic District (Learn more here) is not the only sign of activity in Derby though it is the most historic. However there are several other activities involving things coming down, being refurbished or going up in one of CT's oldest cities. Here are some others to contemplate:

Ryan Athletic Complex

Ground work has started on the new Payden Park baseball field that will be one of the cornerstones of the incredible improvements that are underway at the Ryan Athletic Complex. The site has been cleared and prepped for the blasting that will be required for a large wall that will be needed. Click here for an earlier story on the groundbreaking ceremony for this incredible project.

Main Street/Rt. 34 Activity

The first signs of life for what eventually will be the reconstruction and redevelopment of the Main Street/Rt. 34 are unfortunately the demolition of existing sites to make way for the new, and there has been quite a bit of activity lately and to come. Following up on the earlier demolition of the old grain silo on Caroline Street, the former Calvert's building on Caroline Street and storage building at the corner of Main and factory streets. Environmental work in preparation for demolition on the block in between has started prior to demolition of all of those buildings and the old office supply building just up the street has also started. Click here for an earlier story about a proposed building project in the area. Click here for information about the reconstruction of Rt. 34.

Valley United Way Grow Your Own Garden

A vacant lot on the corner of Fifth and Elizabeth Street and space in back of the Derby Public Library have been converted to free community gardens as part of Valley United Way's Grow Your Own gardening program designed to help food insecure residents obtain fresh fruit and vegetables to supplement what they may currently be getting from local food pantries. The city provided the space, and Valley United Way and its corporate partners have provided everything else needed.

Roosevelt Drive Pump Station

The city's Water Pollution Control Authority recently signed a contract with Holzner Construction to build the last - and largest - of three pump stations approved by voters in the 2014 referendum. The Roosevelt Drive pump station will take just over a year to build and will cost over $7,000,000 to complete. Click here for an earlier story about the other pump stations completed.

Commodore Hull Bridge Rehab

Work is also continuing on the complex and costly rehabilitation of the Commodore Hull Bridge over the Housatonic River to ensure the structural integrity of the highly used bridge. Click here to learn more.

Derby-Shelton Bridge Enhancements

The Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments has held its public hearings and work on the final design for the rehabilitation of the historically important 1918 Derby-Shelton Bridge is under way. The project is designed to enhance the  Click here for more information from NVCOG. Click here for an earlier story about this project and its funding.

Story posted on May 22, 2018

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