Derby Monuments & Memorials

Everything on this page is located within Derby - some obvious, some not. They are all identified here, but it's up to you to go out and see them! Click on each image for a fuller size photo.

Purple Heart Monument - Derby's newest monument

PFC Frank Witek Monument

Founder's Commons

Founders Commons

Civil War Monument
War of the Rebellion Monument on the Green

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War Memorial for Derby's veterans on the Green. (WWI, WWII, Korea & Vietnam)

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Monument to the "New Fort" of the Paugasuck Indians overlooking the Housatonic River.

World War I Cannon
French cannon from W.W.I. Monument to W.W.I veterans.

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Isaac Hull memorial in the Olde Uptown burial Ground

monument9.jpg (10355 bytes)
Great Neck Monument for Indian Fort in the area

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Founders Commons

monument8.jpg (12045 bytes)
Firemen's Memorial on the Green

East Derby WWII Monument

Leo F. Ryan Memorial

Korea and Vietnam Monument on the Green

Eisenhower Green Ash dedicated to WWII veterans

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