Sister City Visit - Day 7   

A Bird's Eye View of the Valley

The Puglianello delegation got a view of the Valley that not many get - their own personal flight over the Valley! After a fabulous tour of the airport, Keystone Aviation took them up for a bigger view of the Derby and surrounding towns. With perfect weather and fall foliage reaching a peak, they had a spectacular view of the Valley at its best.

The delegation then stopped for some fresh ice cream at Rich's Dairy Farm before stopping at the Derby Senior Center. Then it was on to Griffin Hospital where they had their own personal tour of Derby's home town hospital which has won numerous national awards in the last few years. And of course, just a year ago, the hospital was at the center of a media frenzy for its deft handling of the anthrax situation in the Valley.

The delegation finished their day with a visit to our Native Indians. No word yet as to whether they made a deposit or withdrawal at the world renowned casinos!

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