Dedication of PFC Frank Witek Memorial & John Zielinski Trail in Witek Park



Sunday, September 2 brought Derby a new monument to its most highly decorated war hero and a new trail through its newest park. At 1:00 p.m. the new monument to PFC Frank P. Witek was unveiled in the park that bears his name. The park was officially dedicated on May 29, 1999 (Click here for a photo album.) At that time, the city unveiled a series of plaques honoring Witek, but a suitable monument was not available, and the plaques have been on display at City Hall since. On Sunday they were unveiled in their permanent location joining the ranks of other historical monuments found in the city. (Click here to see the others.)

At the same time, the city also dedicated a walking trail in the park to another dedicated civil servant, former Alderman John C. Zielinski. Zielinski gave the city years of tireless service before his untimely death in a tragic fall.

The $25,000 memorial was paid for with funds from the City, state funds secured by Senator Joe Crisco and a grant from the Manafort Family Foundation secured by Bill Menna.

Special thanks goes out to :
        Board of Alderman
        Board of Taxation
        McManus Construction Company - excavation
        Clover Construction Company - cement work
        N - S Masonry - stone work
        R - S Electrical - electrical work
        Nancy's Tree Service - flowers & shrubbery
        Derby Department of Public Works  and it's Commissioner Gary Parker - everything else !!!!
Witek Committee:
        Mayor Marc Garofalo
        Josephine Witek DiFazio
        Gary Fernino
        Joe Jeanette
        Bruce Sill
        B. Williamson
        Len Witek
        Ted Witek