Derby Looking for New Direction for Downtown Development

The Derby Board of Aldermen, frustrated with the lack of progress on the development of downtown, have decided to proceed with plans to drop its current developer and begin anew. Additional information:

Statement of Board President Ken Hughes at the meeting

Redevelopment Documents Posted

The City has posted the documents related to the Plan of Redevelopment for downtown Derby illustrated on this page. If you click here, you can read them all for yourself.

The information is in two parts: 

  1. The visuals of the concept plan
  2. The Redevelopment Plan – This document is the description of the City’s desire for the redevelopment zone.
    1. The Redevelopment Plan was referred by the Redevelopment Agency to the Planning and Zoning Commission pursuant to the Connecticut General Statutes.  The P&Z Commission will conduct a meeting on Tuesday April 26, 2005 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall to discuss this document in their roles as the City’s Planning Body and will offer a written opinion to the Redevelopment Agency.
    2. When P&Z has rendered its written opinion, the Redevelopment Plan will again be taken up by the Redevelopment Agency to discuss the written opinion of the P&Z Commission.  After which the Redevelopment Plan will be forward by the Redevelopment Agency to the Housing Authority for its review at a public meeting.  This is also pursuant to applicable law because of the significant housing component of the Redevelopment Plan.
    3. After review and comment by the Housing Authority, the Redevelopment Plan will once again be taken up by the Redevelopment Agency.
    4. The Redevelopment Agency, after considering the written opinion of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the review and comment of the Housing Authority, will adopt the Redevelopment Plan with any additions, deletions, or corrections based on the aforementioned input.
    5. At each step, there will be ample opportunity for the public to give input and comment to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Housing Authority and the Redevelopment Agency pursuant to Section 101 of the City Charter.
  1. The next step will be the Preferred Developer Agreement (PDA).  The PDA is the legal agreement between the City and the Developer (Ceruzzi Derby Redevelopment, LLC) and will have to conform with the Redevelopment Plan.
    1. The PDA will include the specific roles and obligations of both the City and the Developer.
    2. It will also include a detailed timeline for both parties.
    3. It will contain the specific plans for the project including, number of residential units, types of commercial development, parking requirements, etc.

Downtown Redevelopment Plan Unveiled

Ceruzzi Derby Redevelopment, LLC, a partnership between Ceruzzi Holdings and Stoneridge Partners, LLC, recently presented a revised plan for the downtown revitalization area in response to both market conditions and public input. The spectacular concept illustrated above hold the potential to transform the downtown and have a major impact on the entire city.

The latest proposal, prepared by Street-Works, a nationally recognized urban design and development firm (, was modified from earlier discussions to enhance its connections to the existing downtown and to provide improved access to the riverfront for the public. Land on both sides of Caroline Street within the redevelopment area has been included to allow creation of a pedestrian focused shopping and dining street. The plan will continue to be predominantly residential in nature, with commercial uses arrayed along the new Caroline Street. Main Street itself will remain in its current configuration with two travel lanes and parking on both sides.

The Developers viewed the focus on downtown beginning at the edge of the Derby Green and flowing down through the new downtown to the new Greenway and the Housatonic River.

The plan is conceptual in nature and is subject to further public input and governmental approvals.

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