Land Use Section:

In addition, the City of Derby Zoning Regulations are proposed to be amended as specifically provided in this Redevelopment Plan. Where controls differ between the Zoning Regulations and the Redevelopment Plan, the more stringent shall govern.

Approvals shall follow a two-step process. In step one, a detailed land development plan and design will be prepared and agreed upon by the City of Derby and the Derby Redevelopment Agency and the selected developer. Design guidelines and review procedures as established by the Redevelopment Agency shall be followed. Any deviation from the Redevelopment Plan and the associated design guidelines must be accepted by the City of Derby and the Redevelopment Agency.

In step two, the developer shall seek and obtain approvals from the Derby Planning and Zoning Commission in accordance with zoning provisions and site plan review requirements.


Amendments set forth below shall be applicable only to those areas located within a Redevelopment Area as defined below:

Article II - Section 195-7. Definitions and Word Usage

Add the following new definitions:

"Redevelopment" – Improvement by the rehabilitation or demolition of structures, by the construction of new structures, improvements or facilities, by the location or relocation of streets, parks and utilities, by replanning or by two or more of these methods.

"Redevelopment area" – An area within the City, whose boundary has been adopted by the City of Derby Board of Alderman as a "Redevelopment Area", and is deteriorated, deteriorating, substandard or detrimental to the safety, health, morals or welfare of the community. An area may consist partly or wholly of vacant or unimproved land or of land with structures and improvements thereon, and may include structures not in themselves substandard or insanitary which are found to be essential to complete an adequate unit of development, if the redevelopment area is deteriorated, deteriorating, substandard or detrimental. An area may include properties not contiguous to each other. An area may include all or part of the territorial limits of any fire district, sewer district, fire and sewer district, lighting district, village, beach or improvement association or any other district or association, wholly within the City and having the power to make appropriations or to levy taxes, whether or not such entity is chartered by the General Assembly.

Article IV - Section 195-28 (Currently reserved) - Development Standards for Redevelopment Areas

A. Architectural Review. Prior to submission to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Architectural design shall be reviewed and approved by the Redevelopment Agency.

B. Architectural Design Standards

All buildings and structures, including alterations, additions and exterior remodeling are to be designed and constructed in accord with these standards. The objective is to insure attractive and dignified appearance, practical design, and sound construction throughout the Redevelopment Area to the mutual benefit of all occupants.

All construction shall be in accord with the latest edition of the State of Connecticut Building Code and with all other applicable State and local Ordinances.

The exteriors of all structures are to be pleasing and harmonious in appearance. To insure harmony, exterior walls of all structures shall be finished with a material approved by the Derby Redevelopment Agency and Derby Planning and Zoning Commission.

All exterior fences, canopies, awnings, screens, roofscapes, and other exterior appurtenances and enclosures are to be consistent with the design and quality of materials used throughout the Redevelopment Area in order to ensure the attractiveness and harmonious character of the Redevelopment Area.

All site planning, site improvements, plantings and screenings must be in accord with these standards.

In order to maintain and preserve these standards, each of the above is subject to the prior review and final approval of the Derby Redevelopment Area and Derby Planning and Zoning Commission.

Article III - Section 195-20, Subsection H, Center Design Development District (CDD) Zone

Residential density. Residential density may be approved up to 12 dwelling units per acre, or in the areas defined and adopted as a "Redevelopment Area"; residential density may be approved up to 50 dwelling units per acre, provided that all requirements and standards for the proposed residential use and for other proposed uses are met. In cases where existing buildings are being renovated for rehabilitation as residential dwellings, densities higher than twelve (12) may be approved by the Commission. In these instances and in "Redevelopment Areas", the allowable density shall not exceed the site’s ability to accommodate its own on-site parking requirements or jeopardize the intent or other requirements of the zone. The parking requirements shall be 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit unless fewer parking spaces are allowed for the proposed use under Article III - Section 195-20, Subsection F "Parking Requirements" and under Article VII, Section 195-54 – Parking Spaces, Number and Location.

Article V - Section 195-39, Subsection E(3)(e) to read:

"The Commission may permit an alternate spacing landscaping layout or configuration of trees without decreasing the total number of trees to be planted landscaped area when it finds that the alternate will result in a development of higher quality.

Article VII – Section 195-54 – Parking Spaces, Number and Location

Amend the table to read as follows:

Redevelopment Areas only:

USE Minimum Required Parking Spaces


Efficiency Units 1 space per dwelling unit

One (1) bedroom Units 1.5 spaces per dwelling unit

Two (2) bedroom Units 2 spaces per dwelling unit

Three (3) bedroom Units 2 spaces per dwelling unit

Office 3 spaces per 1000 sf of gross floor area

Retail 4 spaces per 1000 sf of gross floor area

Restaurant (to be discussed) 1 space per 40 sf of serving area

Cinema 1 space per 4 seats

Subsection B(3): add the following language at the end of the paragraph:

In Redevelopment Areas only, a Shared Use Parking analysis may be used to determine the parking space requirements. Supporting documentation shall be submitted by the applicant to support the appropriateness of Shared Use Parking.

Article VII – Section 195-56 – Joint parking

Add Section F:

F. In areas defined as "Redevelopment Areas", the provisions of Section 195-26 shall apply to both on-street and off-street parking.

Article VII – Section 195-57 – Off-street loading requirements

Add Subsection F:

F. In areas defined as "Redevelopment Areas", the requirements of Sections 195-57 A thru E shall not apply. Redevelopment Areas, one on-street shared loading space per 50,000sf of gross floor area. Loading spaces in Redevelopment Areas shall be a minimum of 8’ wide and 23’ long.