Camden, SC
A Fountain With a Different Name

Picture from South Carolina Postcards: Camden by Howard Woody and Davie Beard

If you visit Camden, SC and ask to see the National Humane Alliance Fountain might give you a puzzled look. However, ask for the Kirkland Memorial Fountain and they might be able to direct you to the National Humane Alliance Fountain better known as the Kirkland Memorial Fountain. Evidently, the people in Camden used one side of the fountain to place this plaque instead of a lions head spigot:

We've found a couple of other fountains that have been "repurposed", but this may be the first one where pennies raised from children combined with the generosity of the National Humane Alliance created a fountain with two names!

Today the fountain stands proudly in Hampton Park having been moved from its original location.

Bonus pictures from the Library of Congress

Thank you to J Thornburg for finding these pohots.

Posted December 20, 2019 - Updated April 2, 2020

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