El Paso, TX

Thanks to Gary Williams at the El Paso Community Foundation and some additional research on our own, we have a couple of major updates about El Paso. The first update is that El Paso actually received two of the National Humane Alliance Fountains. Let's start with an update on the story previously presented below for the 1909 El Paso fountain. As you can see by clicking on the link below that story to follow-up news releases posted below our original story, El Paso's fountain really was the one originally scheduled for Mexico City. As you can see, it was actually delivered to Mexico City, but never installed. Eventually, The National Humane Alliance got it back and sent it on to El Paso. It was installed at the intersection of Magoffin and San Antonio Streets in front of the Toltec Club and it is still in basically the same area today. A few years ago, the El Paso community Foundation paid for the plaque that you see pictured below which was installed next to the fountain. This fountain is one of the most ornate of all the fountains and is still in full working order.

Gary also informed us that El Paso also received a second fountain which was installed at the intersection of Piedras Street and Alameda Avenue. We don't know what year that was or what happened to the fountain as it is no longer there. We'll keep working to see if we can learn more.

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