Geneseo, IL

The  Geneseo Chamber of Commerce reported on the above picture: A crowd gathered near the intersection of State and Second streets for the 1910 dedication of one of two three-tiered fountains in Geneseo. The National Humane Alliance fountains were designed so people, horses and dogs all could drink from the same fountain. The fountain had a spigot for humans, a large bowl for horses and, at the base, two little bowls for dogs. One of the city's two fountains still exists and can be seen outside the Geneseo Historical Museum's Carriage House on Center Street.

The Geneseo Historical Museum received the fountain from the city in 2014 and they are restoring the fountain and designing a garden surrounding it. We are pleased to report that the fountain has been refurbished though the water has not been restored. We will post new pictures later this spring.

Another look:


Story posted on December 19, 2019- Updated April 6, 2022

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