Grand Forks, ND

We've known about the fountain in Grand Forks, ND but until now we didn't have a picture or a current location. Thanks to an email from Carroll Courchene we now have the following pictures and a current if a bit tricky location. As you can see from these earlier newspaper accounts, we knew that Grand Forks received a fountain in 1907 and erected it at the corner of Fifth and Chestnut Streets, but we couldn't be sure if it still existed.

 As you can see in the picture below, it exists in its own park in a new location at Fifth Street North and Gateway Drive in the vicinity of Mill Street.

And thanks to the plaque placed nearby, you can see how it got there in 2009:

The water is no longer running and the original Ensign plaque is missing, but the fountain is well preserved and the water could some day flow again. The original lions heads seemed to have been stolen sometime in the 1970s, but the replacements retain much of the original look.

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