Harrisburg, PA

Harrisburg, PA received its fountain from the National Humane Alliance in 1908 and installed it at the intersection of Mulberry and Derry streets and renamed the area Fountain Place in its honor. The fountain was formally dedicated about a month after its installation with an elaborate program that included a band, singing by school children and a long list of speakers and attendance by several thousand people. The National Humane Alliance was represented by Maurice C. Eby of the society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and former mayor of Harrisburg representing the Alliance. Mayor Seals accepted the fountain and transferred it to the control of the Water Department.


We are pleased to report that the fountain still exists at the intersection though it is now used as a planter without any water. The lions heads are missing and the light that once adorned the top is also gone. William Gantt recently responded to one of our Fountain of the Week posts to say that he has been planting and maintaining flowers in the fountain for 47 years; and as you can see, he's doing a fantastic job!


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Story updated May 20, 2021

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