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The National Humane Alliance presented a fountain to San Francisco in 1910 largely through the efforts of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of cruelty to Animals. The fountain was transported to San Francisco free of charge by the Southern Pacific Company and was moved to Mission and Otis streets and Duboce Avenue by George Renner of the Stetson-Renner drayage Company - also free of charge. The original plan had been to place the fountain at the Baker Street entrance to Golden Gate Park.

Superintendent of Streets McElroy and his crew then erected the fountain including in the plumbing. When the fountain was dedicated on July 3, 1911, Harrison Grey Fiske, president of the National Humane Alliance was on hand along with his wife, the famous actress Minnie Madden  Fiske. Ms. Fiske had been instrumental in supporting the San Francisco fountain request and was given the honor of pulling the red, white and blue ribbon to unveil the fountain. A large crowd of dignitaries were on hand for the impressive ceremony which featured several speakers and singing of patriotic songs. It was reported that J. M. Ratto drove his horse and buggy to the fountain where his horse not only took the first drink, but also "rose on its hind legs and bowed to the crowd as if grateful for the drink".

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Thanks to Facebook poster David Gallagher, we have this update to share. If you look closely (click image for a bigger picture) you will see that this photo is dated March 30, 1940 and the fountain appears to be in the original location at the intersection of Mission and Otis. However it's in very bad shape and probably being prepared for removal. We cannot say for certainty what happened to this fountain, but it is no longer at Mission and Otis.

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