Derby Historical Releases New History Series

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The Derby Historical Society is pleased to announce the release of two books from Arcadia Publication's Images of America series. The books, entitled Derby, Conn., and Ansonia, Conn. are each be 128 pages long, and contain over 200 historical photographs of their respective towns. 

Both books were completed in July of 1999, and are available for sale right now making them great for holiday giving. Completing one book is quite a task, completing two in one month is exceedingly rare, a testament to the dedication of the staff at the Historical Society. Readers will find wonderful collections of rare photographs, many of which have never been published before, accompanied by informative, comprehensive captions.

 The last histories written about the towns of Derby and Ansonia were published in 1975 and 1976, respectively. The books cost $18.99 each, and are available at the Derby Historical Society's gift shop, as well as major retail booksellers in the area. Like any other merchandise in our gift shop, Derby Historical Society members will receive a 10% discount. Call 735-1908.

The Historical Society hopes to make these books community-wide efforts. You may also reach the society by e-mail at:

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