New Timing System to be Used

Tom Wilson holds a race bib with the disposable timing chip attached. Members of the Race Committee took time to check out the new system and pronounced it a major step forward.

Race timing enters a new era during this year's Commodore Hull Thanksgiving Day 5K Race as a new disposable chip timing system is used for the first time. The DAG system is a second generation computer chip timing system that promises to deliver reliable and accurate timing results and speed up the post-race posting of results.

Front & back of the bib showing the sensor attached to the bib.

Some of the features of  this new rfid timing chip include:
- the chips are disposable, there is no need to collect them after the race
- the chip attaches to the back of the runner number
- there are no mats at the finish line, just the finishing gate that you run through 

The new system will be a major change for runners, and requires a bit of instruction. The chip and antenna are attached directly to the back of the race bib. As a result, the bib must be attached unfolded, to the front of the runner's shirt in all 4 corners and must be visible during the entire race. Race belts may not be used to attach your number.  At the end of the race, runners must make sure they run through the gate in order to have the chip properly scanned.

This innovative, new system was developed in Europe and is just beginning to make major inroads in the United States because of the convenience that it offers for everyone involved.

Proper positioning of the bib on the runner's shirt.

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