Student Posters Marketed Race

Another annual tradition for the Commodore Hull Thanksgiving day 5K Road Race is the annual poster work done by area grammar schools. Each year, the race committee selects classes at two schools and asks the students to create race posters that can be used to learn about the history of Commodore Hull, promote the race and thank the major sponsors who receive them after the race. This year, the race committee would like to thank the students at Booth Hill School in Shelton and St. Mary / St. Michael School in Derby for a job well done.

St. Mary /St. Michael

Booth Hill School

The 6th grade students from Mrs. Vernazza's class at St. Mary's/St. Michael's and Mr. Federowicz's class at Booth Hill School were feted at a pizza party sponsored by David M. Grant Caterers and Tetley USA. In addition to the pizza, the students all received prizes for their work. Thank you students!

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